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For a few months now, we've been putting together a new public API. We are firm believers of repurposing older projects that may provide value to someone else. But why stop at an API? What if the public API is just a part of what the product can offer? And so a plan was formed. We introduce Unraveled. Unraveled was built to provide developers and analysts with a set of resources to make their jobs a whole lot easier.

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The first public API available under the Unraveled API Suite is the NLP API, where developers can retrieve syntax, sentiment, key phrases, PII (personally identifiable information) detection with risk scoring, and some text pre-processing endpoints. This API and all future APIs built under the Unraveled API Suite will be strictly available on the RapidAPI marketplace and will eventually expand in functionality. The Unraveled product offerings are just starting out, so stay tuned for future announcements and for the grand reveal at!

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